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Academy Express - ISRS Member Communication
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Dr. Stephen Lane offers his top pearls for success with toric IOLs

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Dr. Elizabeth Yeu reveals surprising results from a study of residents and young physicians
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This new online case considers a 27-year-old man referred for left-sided blurry vision and clumsiness
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Dr. Khalid Tabbara shares a study showing that drug-induced uveitis is on the rise
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Screening guidelines for gorlin syndrome/basal cell nevus syndrome?

Syndrome that ties fragile X mutation, retinoschisis, dislocated cataracts and glaucoma together?

Help with phaco in a phakic anterior chamber IOL eye
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Appropriate, timely treatment effective in malignant glaucoma 
This retrospective case series reviewed outcomes in 26 patients (28 eyes), showing resolution in 27 eyes, with a 13-day median time to resolution and a 192-day median length of follow-up. Medical treatment alone achieved resolution in phakic eyes with a short presentation duration. Laser hyaloidotomy was effective in pseudophakic eyes. Refractory cases benefited from vitrectomy with iridectomy-zonulectomy and transscleral cyclophotocoagulation. Visual acuity at presentation and at the final visit did not change in 14 patients, with eight eyes gaining two lines or more, and six eyes losing two lines or more. Ophthalmology, May 2013

Sagging eye syndrome can cause acquired strabismus in the elderly
Investigators used magnetic resonance imaging to evaluate rectus extraocular muscles (EOMS), pulleys, and the lateral rectus (LR) – superior rectus (SR) band ligament in patients with acquired diplopia suspected of having sagging eye syndrome.  Widespread rectus pulley displacement and EOM elongation, associated with LR-SR band rupture, causes acquired vertical and horizontal strabismus. Small-angle esotropia or hypertropia may result from common involutional changes in EOMs and orbital connective tissues that may be suspected from features evident on external examination. JAMA Ophthalmology, May 2013

More support for second eye surgery
This large, population-based prospective study demonstrates that bilateral cataract surgery benefits patients in ways that unilateral surgery does not. It shows an objectively measureable benefit of cataract surgery on visual performance, reading speed, and relative mobility. And it confirms the subjective benefits as measured by the Activities of Daily Vision Scale. Results also suggest that participants who undergo second-eye surgery are likely to function better than those who undergo only unilateral surgery. Ophthalmology, May 2013

Early OCT findings predict long-term ranibizumab response in CRVO patients
This analysis of data from the BRAVO and CRUISE shows that at month three of ranibizumab treatment, OCT images provide predictive information for patients with CRVO, but not for those with BRVO. Patients with CRVO who have residual foveal thickening, intraretinal cystic fluid, or both may represent a management challenge. The 0.5 mg-treated CRVO patients with persistent CME at month three experienced reduced visual outcome at months six and 12. Vision was also reduced in CRVO for those with central foveal thickness of more than 250 μm at month three who were treated with 0.3 mg ranibizumab. Ophthalmology, May 2013

Increased time spent outdoors may reduce myopia progression in children
Two studies this month show a link between daylight and myopia. A cross-sectional study in Denmark, where the day’s length day varies from 7 to 17.5 hours over the year, shows that myopia progression and axial eye growth seem to decrease in periods with longer days and to increase in periods with shorter days. A second prospective study compared myopia changes among children attending two schools, one with a mandatory recess outside the classroom program; the other with no such program. Outdoor activities had a significant effect on myopia onset and myopic shift, especially in nonmyopic children. Ophthalmology, May 2013

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Nominate new Executive Committee members for 2014
Help shape the future of ISRS by nominating up to three candidates to serve on the ISRS Executive Committee. Terms begin in 2014. Type the names of your nominees on this survey form and write a sentence or two about why they should be considered. Nominees must be ISRS members. To check if someone is an ISRS member, use Find a Refractive Surgeon. The deadline is 17 June, 2013.

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Prepare for the unexpected with videos from Dr. Robert Osher
Complications During Cataract Surgery, an instructional DVD series by Dr. Robert Osher, is now available as a complete set. You’ll receive all four DVDs in the series and save 22% off the individual purchase price. Dr. Osher delivers candid advice and up-close footage of rescue strategies for sudden and unexpected complications that can occur during cataract surgery. Available for purchase at the Academy Store.

Tickets on sale for the 2013 Orbital Gala in New Orleans
Rendezvous at the National World War II Museum on Sunday, Nov. 17 for authentic New Orleans fun. Help us raise funds to support your Academy’s programs and celebrate the gala’s 10th anniversary at the premier social event at the Annual Meeting. Catch up with old friends while you dine and dance under a tribute display of restored fighter planes in the U.S. Freedom Pavilion. This year’s silent auction promises to be our biggest ever, and we’re introducing mobile bidding to keep the action exciting. We expect another sell-out event, so purchase tickets early.

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